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Solar Energy Technology for the 21st Century

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Special:       Let's Light Up Puerto Rico


                                   We are working with churches, schools, and other organizations, both in California and in Puerto Rico,

                                    to send Deluxe Solar Table Lamps to students who still don't have electricity in Puerto Rico.

                                    Your support and help are greatly appreciated. Please click for more information.



Solar charging, lighting, cooking, and power solutions that fit into your pocket!

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Power for outdoor & emergency

Climb highest mountains:

 Survive harsh conditions:

Hike longest trails:

Enjoy free power for cooking, heating, charging, lighting anywhere:

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 Toward a sustainable future, one product at a time




  SPECIAL FEATURED Solar Charging and Solar Lighting Products:

       1. Window Solar Charger:





       2. Deluxe Solar Table Lamp:



   3. Solar Wall Security Light with Motion Detector


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STEM Education

Specialized solar energy kits:



Easy to follow, curriculum based lesson plans:

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