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About California Sunlight

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About Us

Our Company

California Sunlight Corporation develops, designs, and commercializes high efficiency and cost-effective, integrated solar energy systems. Using its patented and patent pending technologies, California Sunlight offers a new breed of solar energy systems for your personal and business needs, including solar charging, solar lighting, solar electricity generation, and solar cooking.

The core of our technologies is integration. That is to integrate sunlight collection, energy conversion, energy storage, and energy use into one unit. All units are connected into mini grids, small grids, local grids, regional grids, and eventurally the whole power grid. 

California Sunlight Corporation is a privately held company with headquarters in the Sacramento Power Inn district, CA.

Our Mission

To be the innovative leader in providing high efficiency, cost-effective, point-of-use, integrated solar energy systems.

Our Team

Why Integrated Solar Energy?

California Sunlight Corporation develops next generation solar energy technology to integrate solar energy collection, energy storage, and the use of the energy into one system, such as an appliance.

This small device includes components of solar energy collection, energy storage, and energy uses for lighting and charging.



This solar powered BBQ can collect sunlight, convert sunlight to electricity or heat, store energy, and supply energy for cooking, heating, charging, and other applications.


This building includes many integrated solar energy application units. All units are connected to form mini grid, home grids, regional grids: 




Here at Home:

Energy independence is a hot topic here in the United States. Solar energy is a step towards independence and much more. As many Americans are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint, solar energy brings an affordable, safe, clean and fun solution to lower environmental impact. Further, the lure of self-sufficiency and living Off the Grid (OTG) has become increasingly appealing to more and more of our citizens. Events such as the tragic tsunami in Japan, and the subsequent nuclear incident and power disruptions, have been a huge wake-up call that even in highly developed nations we are vulnerable. Solar energy provides the capability to perform the most basic of survival necessities...the ability to power smart phones and mobile electronics, provide lighting, prepare hot food and purify water.

California Sunlight is commited and invested in popularizing solar energy technologies here in the United States, and around the globe. 

Health Issues

'Indoor smoke from coal, wood or dung – used as cooking fuel by more than 3 billion people worldwide – ranks ahead of unsafe water as a cause of death in low- and middle-income countries.'

- Barbara Fraser, Environmental Health News

Indoor smoke mainly affects women, children, the elderly and indigenous people, who have the least political and economic clout, and the least access to safe water, sewer systems and health care, said Agnes Soares, environmental epidemiology adviser at the Pan American Health Organization in Washington, D.C.

In 1999, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) saw solar cooking as part of the solution, and started a series of international solar cooking conferences.

Around the Globe

We live on a shrinking planet, and no where is that more evident than in the many underdeveloped countries around the globe. Resources are rapidly disappearing, and the negative impacts on human and natural ecosystems are growing. There are countless examples, but the crisis in Madagascar is often cited: Once covered in lush green forest, the island loses around 200,000 hectares of forest each year, much for the purpose of wood for cooking and charcoal production. And, deforestation isn't the only problem: severe health conditions arise from regular inhalation of smoke from cook fires, drastically impacting lifespans.