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About California Sunlight

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About US

California Sunlight Corporation develops, designs, and commercializes high efficiency and cost-effective, integrated solar energy systems. Using its patented and patent pending technologies, California Sunlight offers a new breed of solar energy systems for your personal and business needs, including solar charging, solar lighting, solar electricity generation, and solar cooking.

The core of our technologies is integration. That is to integrate sunlight collection, energy conversion, energy storage, and energy use into one unit. All units are connected into mini grids, small grids, local grids, regional grids, and eventurally the whole power grid. 

California Sunlight Corporation is a privately held company with headquarters in the Sacramento Power Inn district, CA.



Our Mission

To be the innovative leader in providing high efficiency, cost-effective, point-of-use, integrated solar energy systems.



Our Vission

People can cost-effectively harness local renewable energy to meet all of their energy needs.