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Large Capacity Folding Solar Charger:



Pocket Solar Charger with Ignitor and LED Light:



Solar Security Light with Motion Detector:



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Solar Balloon Cooker

California Sunlight is a leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative solar cooking products and accessories. See our store page for more information about our amazing Solar Balloon Cooker, and to place your order.

CS-3200 & CS-4200 Solar Cooking System

CS-3200 Solar Cooking System The most advanced solar cooking system in the World. Dawn to dusk Patented Sun Tracking System capable of delivering a wide range of cooking temperatures up to, and in excess of, 450F . Modular design permits easy change out between an oven, cook top, BBQ grill, and more!

Two-axis Tracking Concentrating Solar Daylighting

Bring up to 100,000 lumen natural sunlight inside. Adjustable daylighting with continuous dimming. No electricity needed. Two-axis tracking for efficient sunlight collection. Low cost light guide for solar energy transmission.

One-axis tracking solar lighting system

Bring up to 20,000 lumen sunlight inside. Natural daylighting, save energy. One-axis tracking. Low cost. Easy to move, easy to install.

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To check the availability of products that do not appear on our store page, please contact California Sunlight at info@california-sunlight.com