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How to set-up and use your Solar Balloon Cooker, Video Guide: 

 1.Set-up          2.Positioning          3.Cooking          4.Deflating and Folding   




Download Quick Start pdf



User's Manual Download:

 1. BalloonCookerManual1.pdf

2. BalloonCookerManual2.pdf


On Inflating

A hand pump or bicycle pump with balloon tip or adaptor is the fastest and safest way to inflate the Solar Balloon and I Balloon. Remember, only fill the Balloon to 80%.

Use the provided Inflation Straw on the tip end of the pump or adaptor and insert into the balloon valve. The straw will hold the valve open and allow for easier inflation.

We DO NOT recommend electric pumps or condensed CO2 becuase they may inflate the balloon too quickly and cause seam rupture.

On Securing the Solar Balloon

When you bring the cord loops of the Mylar sleeve across the face of the large end of the Solar Balloon, cross them over each other on either side of the inflation valve. To increase the security, use a clip or tape to hold the crossed loops in place at the valve. This makes the Mylar sleeve very secure around the Solar Balloon.

If using the "I" Balloon as a support, put heavy objects, such as smooth rocks, on each foot at the base of the "I" Balloon to hold them down. Also, weight down the open end of the Mylar sleeve. Weighting down the Mylar sleeve great improves stability and also helps keep the heat where you want it.

The adhesive tabs that are provided with the Cook Kit can be used anywhere on the Solar Balloon or Mylar sleeve to help tie the system down in case of heavy winds. Additional tabs are inexpensive and are available in the Site Store.

On Preparing Your Food or Liquid for Heating or Cooking

Putting your food or liquid in the black pan provided in the Cook Kit or any other black metal container will greatly shorten the cooking/heating time. A clear glass lid can be added to the pan or container as well. Once your food or liquid is in the container, put the whole package in an oven bag and fold over to close. Your cooking package is now ready to insert into the Mylar sleeve close to the small end of the Solar Balloon.

Getting the Most Heat Where You Want It

The focal point of light and heat energy is fairly broad with the Solar Balloon, however keeping the large end of the balloon facing the sun is important. We recommend adjusting the direction of the balloon to face the sun at least every 20-30 minutes.

If you look into the large end of the Solar Balloon, you should clearly see the bright focused light directly hitting the cooking package.

Make certain the Mylar sleeve isn't folded in front of the focused light and blocking the cooking package. Position the cooking package as close to the small end of the Solar Balloon as possible.

Adding a second oven bag around the cooking package can increase the potential of capturing and holding heat within the cooking package.







1. Can the solar balloon be recycled?

 Yes, the product can be fully recycled, but not curbside in most areas. Therefore, we have established an end-of-life program where we take the product back and up-cycle the material through an established creative reuse center. It's also important to note that the Solar Balloon Cooker is easily repairable with cellophane tape, so the usable life expectancy is quite long. We also can direct customers to recyclers in their area. Unfortunately we are not able to get the strength and reliability using recycled materials at this time. It is our goal, and we will continue to test materials.    


 2. Can I donate the solar balloon cooker to people in need?

Yes, California Sunlight will donate portion of the sales to selected charities. You can make additional donation to your most favourate charity. Please contact us for more information.