EV Charging

Experience Our Portable Solar EV Chargers

Our portable Solar EV Chargers  are made for charging electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars. The package includes a battery pack with an inverter, changing controller, and foldable lightweight solar panels.

These chargers provide a unique way to charge your EV with the portable battery and solar panels when needed. Convenient to carry and move around. Plug and play, very easy to use. Our devices can also be used to provide backup power for your home during power outages. Every EV driver needs one.

Use Our Solar Generators To Charge EV's:

  1. Never worry about your EV running out of power
  2. Have peace of mind. Charge your EV anywhere, and anytime you need it
  3. Provide up to 20+ miles of additional driving distance
  4. Light-weight, compact, and  portable
  5. Enable your electric vehicle to charge with solar panels wherever there’s sunlight
  6. Power appliances with energy from your car or EV battery when needed

Products Benefits


Our qualitiy better then others


Plug-and-play easy to use


High quality products at less price


Customers contact anytime for help


Two years warranty


Branded items are available.

Charging EV's With Our Solar Panels (One of our solar generators is required):

  1.  Light weight, foldable, portable and high efficiency solar panels.
  2. Easy to store or carry.
  3. Charge you EV anywhere with free sunlight.
  4. Easy to use everywhere.
  5. Provide up to 50 miles of driving distance per day. (Depending on the size of the solar panels).