Testimonials (Solar Generator)

We were very happy with our purchase of your Solar Generator CS-1000 and FP-100 Solar panel. It worked well during our 2 day power outage. It worked so well that we want to order another. Also, a few of our neighbors will be in contact with you to buy the same unit. 
Please put us down to buy another CS-1000 Solar Generator and the FP-100 Solar panel that goes with it when available. Please let us know the status of delivery.  Once again, thanks

The solar generator and 100W solar panel worked as expected during the recent PG&E PSPS power shutdown.  We would like to buy another solar panel.  Your website shows the price of $248.  Is it possible to buy a second panel at the same price as the first $198.
Rod B.
 The battery pack was very useful in the last outage. I was able to run my refrigerator for some hours, while charging the pack with the panel. The pack was draining much faster than I could charge it, of course, but it was still helpful. I look forward to purchasing two more.
Tom P.
We're so glad to have the generators and the peace-of-mind they provide. We wish you and your family happy, healthy and safe holidays.
Philip S.
We used the generator to power up our 140 Watt tv, direcTv set top box, LED table lamp nearby and WiFi router and dial tone converter on our voIP phone arrange from Sonic ... simple but welcome pleasures during the outage.
Jim K