Power Outages

Are you prepared for The Unexpected?

Be Ready For Whatever Mother Nature Has In Store With The Flick Of A Switch

Keep The Lights On

Imagine keeping the lights on when your neighborhood goes dark. With a California Sunlight Solar Generator, that could be your reality! 

Extreme weather events such as wildfires and hurricanes can bring uncertainty to you and your family. Each time you’re wondering how you’ll prepare your next meal, stay connected with family, or receive essential updates from your local officials. 

At California Sunlight, we aim to take that worry away and ensure you are ALWAYS READY

With our compact, lightweight, portable generator, you can have peace of mind knowing your appliances and devices will remain on throughout the weather event. 

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When extreme weather conditions are imminent - you can have

Access To Power Wherever - Whenever

By Harnessing The Power Of The Sun You Can Keep...


Electronic devices and small appliances can be available for use whenever you need to access them.


Keep foods fresh and medicines cold in your fridge or freezer regardless of outdoor conditions.


Ensure constant communication with loved ones by keeping your wifi running and phone fully charged.

Provide Power Anywhere - Day Or Night

If you've been searching for a cost-effective and sustainable method for extreme weather prep, a Solar Generator from California Sunlight may be the answer! Are you ready to live life uninterrupted.

Plug & Play

No confusing setup. This device is ready when you need it with the flick of a switch.


When it's time to harness the power of solar, this generator is 100% silent.

Lightweight & Portable

At 25lbs, you'll be able to store, move, and position it just the way you want to!


Simply plug in the generator using the provided adaptor when power is available or use our convenient Solar Panels when the grid is down.