Pocket Solar Charger


Phone charger.


Igniter. Large battery.

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Input Voltage / Current: 5V / 2A
Output Voltage / Current: 5V / 2A
Solar Panel Power: 1.5W
Overall Size: 162mm x 84.5mm x 22mm
Battery Capacity: 7000mA 3.7V
Weight: 295g
Working Temperature Range: -10°C to 60°C
Protective Function: Short circuit protection over current protection, discharge protection, overcharge protection

Operating Instructions:

  • Micro USB input support 5V / 2A, optional 5V adapter, computer USB interface to
  • Green indicator light is always on when the solar panel is
  • USB output support 5V / 2A for personal
  • LED lighting function initiated with LONG press on the LED light switch. Press again for SOS flashing, and again to turn
  • LONG press of the power switch will activate Igniter Element interface
  • Pressing the power button will illustrate battery capacity level – Each blue LED light represents 25%


  1.  This product is water resistant NOT water proof. DO NOT submerge in liquid.
  2.  DO NOT exceed 60°C / 140°F
  3.  DO NOT disassemble or modify this product
  4.  Please charge to battery every 3 months when it’s not in use will protect the integrity of   the battery
  5. Small children should have adult supervision
  6. NO SMOKING under the age of 21


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